Thursday, October 24, 2013

parmesan and kale risotto cakes

I was struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration on the way home from working at High Five today. It was lunch time, but I was not eager to re-heat the beans and rice I'd made yesterday, as it would be the fourth straight meal of the stuff, and most of the good stuff was gone. Only the rice was left.

To the container of rice, I added lots of finely chopped kale, a few spoonfuls of finely grated parmesan, freshly cracked pepper, a little sea salt with herbs, and an egg. I fried pancakes of them in pure coconut oil till they were crispy on the outside. 

SO GOOD. They would have been even better with a little garnish of parsley and creme fraiche. 

For lunch, I ate all of leftover rice in this fashion, along with half a honeycrisp and scoop of almond butter. I juiced kale, the other half of the apple, half a lime and a few carrots. A perfect whole foods leftover lunch. 

Rice boiled in chicken broth
Four big leaves of kale
1 egg
3 tablespoons parmesan 
fresh cracked pepper
herbed sea salt
coconut oil
4 carrots
1/2 lime
1 apple
Almond butter

This could be good, I'd imagine, with corn, black beans, parsley, crushed corn chips, and just about any green....

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