Monday, September 9, 2013

all in one meal

check this out. I make this soup a few times a week, and lately, it's all I've wanted to eat. Between this, the juicer, and Yonton's macrobiotic meals he shares with me, we are ridiculously happy and healthy in this house.

which means that whenever I go out, I can eat whatever I want. I love it.

Here is what's all in this soup:
onions, garlic, shallots, parsnips and celery sauteed in truffle infused olive oil
bay leaf and whatever spices are on hand
black beans, corn, chopped carrots, mushrooms, chopped chard
sometimes canned diced tomatoes, if they're on hand, mostly for flavor.

served with crushed blue cornchips, avacado and lime.

the juice is simple- celery, pineapple and carrot.

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